IMG_5431Pan Michaleris, Ph.D.: Pan Michaleris served as President and founder of Pan Computing, which was acquired by Autodesk Inc. in 2016. He is currently a Sr. Software Architect at Autodesk Inc., and is the lead developer of the Netfabb Simulation solver. He has over 25 years of experience in high performance computing and thermo-mechanical process modeling such as additive manufacturing, welding and thermal forming. Dr. Michaleris has a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois at Champaing-Urbana.  He has worked as a senior research engineer at Edison Welding Institute (EWI) from 1994 to 1997 and as professor at the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering of The Pennsylvania State University from 1997 to 2016.



IMG_5444sErik Denlinger, Ph.D.:  Erik Denlinger is a Senior Research Engineer and a member of the Netfabb Simulation development team at Autodesk Inc. Prior to his work at Autodesk he served as the Operating Officer of Pan Computing LLC.  His work has focused on investigating material effects on distortion and residual stress accumulation during AM processing and validating thermomechanical models for laser and electron beam direct energy processes. Currently he is working on modeling and experimental validation for powder-bed AM processing. He received his Ph.D. in 2015 in mechanical engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. His research interests include manufacturing process modeling, experimental design for model validation, finite element methods, and residual stress and distortion.




Jeff Irwin, M.S.: Jeff Irwin is a Research Engineer on the Netfabb Simulation development team at Autodesk Inc.  He previously served as a Software Developer for Pan Computing LLC. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University.  His research interests include computational mechanics, adaptive mesh refinement, numerical methods, and additive manufacturing modeling.






Michael Gouge, Ph.D.:Michael Gouge is a Research Engineer for Autodesk where he focuses on validating and improving the thermo-mechanical modeling of additive manufacturing processes. He completed a Ph.D in mechanical engineering at the Pennsylvania State University under Dr. Pan Michaleris. His graduate research was on the finite element modeling of heat transfer, distortion, microstructure, and material properties of directed energy deposition processes, an area in which has authored several peer reviewed journal articles. He has also received a B.A. in philosophy from Austin Peay, a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas San Antonio, and a M.S. in mechanical engineering from Penn State.



sergeSerge Sidorov, Ph.D.:  Serge Sidorov is a Senior Research Engineer on the Netfabb Simulation development team at Autodesk Inc. He is a CAE-professional with in-depth hands-on knowledge of various aspects of the CAE workflow, from development and QA – to sales and UX – to application. Serge holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has worked with finite element analysis (FEA) in various capacities (both on the user/customer side – Western Digital, Siemens, and on the developer side – Ansys, NEi Software, Autodesk) for the last 17 years. Serge joined Autodesk in 2014 through the NEi Software acquisition. He is passionate for innovation, research and entrepreneurship.





Haiyang He, M.S. (summer 2017): Haiyang He is a Graduate Researcher on the Netfabb Simulation development team at Autodesk Inc. His work focuses on experimental validation for Additive Manufacturing process modeling. He received his M.S. in Mechanical Design Theory from South China University of Technology and a B.S. in Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation from Nanjing Agricultural University. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago. His research interests include numerical methods, robotics, and modeling, validation and process control of additive manufacturing.