Netfabb Simulation Capabilities

Simulate entire build plates

fullplateThe Multi-Scale modeling approach scales to be capable of simulating full build trays. Users can import an unlimited number of geometries and supports into the simulation work space. Netfabb Simulation can handle analyses containing tens of millions of degrees of freedom.


Learn how to simulate entire build plates here.



Compensate for distortioncompensation

Netfabb Simulation offers a distortion compensation function that uses simulated distortion results as an input. The calculated distortions are used to create a modified ‘compensated’ pre-form, that when deposited warps into the desired shape, resulting in nearly no net distortion.

Learn how to compensate for distortion here.





Detect recoater jams

recoaterDistortion results calculated using Netfabb Simulation can also be used to indicate the likelihood of a recoater jam during the build. The in-process distortion results from the analysis are monitored to determine how close the build is to contacting the recoater. Changes can be made to the geometry, supports, or machine parameters to minimize the risk of failure.

Learn how to simulate recoater interference here.


Simulate complex parts

bigpartLarge parts of any complexity can be imported, automatically meshed, and simulated. Netfabb Simulation can handle analyses containing tens of millions of degrees of freedom.

Build volume of part shown: 275 mm x 204 mm x 44 mm

Run time: 3.5 hours on a 20 core CPU


Predict support failure

supportfailureStress results calculated using Netfabb Simulation can be used to indicate the likelihood of a build support failure during the deposition process. Any type of support can be efficiently meshed and simulated. A failure stress is prescribed at the interface of the part and the build support that will trigger support failure when exceeded. Once a support has failed, the failure region is highlighted and the delamination of the part from the support is simulated.

Learn how to predict support failure here.


Calculate residual stresses and strains


In addition to simulating temperatures and distortions, Netfabb Simulation can also be used to accurately calculate residual stresses and strains built up in the workpiece during the Additive Manufacturing process. Stress predictions can be used to indicate likely regions of failure.

Learn how to predict residual stresses here.


Simulate response after wire-cutting

edmThe mechanical response of a deposited part can be simulated after the removal from the build plate using Netfabb Simulation. This allows for the final distortion of the part to be calculated. Due to large residual stresses built up during the manufacturing process, parts will typically distort during/after the EDM process.

Gray geometry shown: Experimental scan of post EDM distortion

Blue geometry shown: Calculated distorted shape for post EDM distortion using Netfabb Simulation



Account for part and powder interaction

powderIn addition to simulating an entire build plate, Netfabb Simulation is also capable of meshing and simulating all of the loose powder on the build plate. This allows for the effect of energy conduction into the powder to be simulated and can capture the complex thermal interaction between parts placed closely together during the build. The inclusion of the loose powder improves the mechanical response results.


Learn how to simulate part/powder interaction here.






Predict Hot Spots and Lack of Fusion


Multi-Scale modeling can be applied to predict and flag regions of a build that get too hot (Hot Spots) or not hot enough (Lack of Fusion) during processing. Changes can then be made to the build plan pre-process to avoid common thermal defects.

Learn how to predict Hot Spots and Lack of Fusion here.




Simulate stress relief

HTPost-process stress relief and heat treatment can be simulated by inputting the temperature vs. time curve of the desired process. Results can be used to design appropriate heating cycles for post-processing.

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